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630 Glen Echo Road

Appeal to Philadelphia Zoning Board of Adjustment- Application No.: #ZP-2022-003761

WMAN RCO Meeting: 8/3/22@7:00 PM on ZOOM 

Philadelphia Zoning Board of Adjustment Hearing Date: Wednesday, November 9, 2022@9:30 AM

The appeal is for the erection of an addition at the rear of an existing semi-detached single-family home.

The application to the Department of Licenses and Inspections was refused for the following reasons:

The dimensional standards for this property located in an RSA-2 Residential Zoning District require an 8 foot wide side yard.  If the addition is constructed the side yard width will be reduced to 6 ft. 3 inches.

Project Downloads:

Letter of Support to ZBA 9-2-2022

Zoning Presentation
Letter to Neighbors
Exhibit Package