Our mission states that we are dedicated to preserving the quality of life in West Mt. Airy. Part of that quality of life is derived from the beautiful, natural environment around us.

WMAN is dedicated to fighting climate change, and has compiled the following resources to help you live a more environmentally-conscious life:


Did you know the Philadelphia Water Department offers free rain barrels and other stormwater management tools + services?!
These are all the tools you can get through the PWD Rain Check program!
Here’s a reference guide for an estimate of what each tool will cost you:
prices as of 3/2020

Click here for more information!

Free Trees!

There are several programs through which you can get free trees!


TreePhilly, the Philadelphia Department of Parks and Recreation, and the Fairmount Park Conservancy have partnered to flood Philly with trees! There are two programs:

Yard Trees

Each spring and fall, TreePhilly distributes free trees around Philadelphia through the Community Yard Tree Giveaway Program. Trees distributed through this program MUST be planted in the ground on private property.

Click here to learn more about the TreePhilly Community Yard Tree Giveaway Program. On their website, you can check out the locations for the events, and you can even sign up to host an event!

Street Trees

At any time of year, you can get a free tree from the Philadelphia Department of Parks and Recreation to plant in front of your home or business!

Click here to learn about the process of getting a free street tree.

Click here to to go to the city website to fill out the application form.

Tree Tenders

At any time of year, you can also submit an application to request a free street tree from Tree Tenders. Tree Tenders is a program of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, which has many additional programs!

Click here to learn more about the Tree Tenders program.