Climate Justice & Environment

Our mission states that we are dedicated to preserving the quality of life in West Mt. Airy.

Part of that quality of life is derived from the beautiful, clean, safe, natural environment around us. By fighting climate change we are leaving a more equitable landscape and living environment for future generations of humans and animals in our area.

Our current initiatives include:

Keep Mt Airy Green

This project aims to increase the shade on blocks in most need and maintain shade of aging tree-lined blocks.

Litter Reduction & Elimination

WMAN supports the efforts of the Mt. Airy Trash Team – a volunteer litter collection group.

Eco Village

WMAN is currently exploring the idea of eco-villages and how W. Mt. Airy might evolve into a more environmentally conscious community.

Join the Climate & Environmental Committee

WMAN is dedicated to fighting climate change and we need your help to expand our impact.

Explore these categories for resources on living a more environmentally-conscious life & ways to get involved.


Water & Rain

Litter & Trash