WMAN Historic Preservation Initiative

As one of the most diverse and desirable neighborhoods in our historic city, West Mt. Airy faces uniquely intense pressures between historic preservation and development. Driven by varied – yet overlapping – guiding principles that promote the value of saving our tangible and intangible history for future generations, WMAN champion’s the economic, environmental, and community benefits of saving our historic places, while still recognizing the need to support managed growth and development in our community.

PHS Volunteers

According to Ashley Hahn in a recent Inquirer article, “more than two-thirds of Philadelphia buildings were built more than 50 years ago, making them potentially eligible for local historic designation on the basis of age alone. Yet less than 3% of Philadelphia’s buildings are actually designated historic, and that sliver unfortunately reflects a predominantly white version of the city’s past.”

WMAN advocates for a preservation system that is less parochial and represents our neighborhood’s diverse heritage. In concert with other preservation organizations and individuals, we also support the urgent need for a review process as part of demolition permit applications.

For more information, or to get involved with our historic preservation initiatives, please contact us at [email protected].