Committees & Programs

Quality of Life as Social Fabric

The Quality of Life Committee focuses on improving the physical/emotional wellbeing, health and safety of West Mt. Airy residents, and working together with local partner organizations to attend to these needs for our community at large.

PHS Volunteers

Climate Justice & Environment

The Climate Justice & Environment Committee is dedicated to preserving the beautiful, clean, safe, natural environment around us.


Zoning regulates physical development within the City. Zoning meetings take place the first Wednesday of every month (currently via ZOOM) and are open to anyone.

Neighborhood Transformation

This committee’s aim is to keep our community informed about new development pressures, to provide accurate information regarding development, and to help facilitate open and civil conversations between developers and neighbors.

Cresheim Valley Apartments, an apartment building with three entrances, four stories, and styled as a Tudor Revival building

Historic Preservation Initiative

As a subsection of Neighborhood Transformation, the Historic Preservation Initiative holds that preservation of our historic resources requires dedicated and active stewardship. The goal of this initiative is to identify and proactively protect the character defining features and the historic built environment of the community.

Children & Youth

Coming soon!