Traffic Calming Committee


The goal of WMAN Traffic Calming Committee is to identify and implement actions that prioritize the movement and safety of pedestrians and bicyclists in Mt Airy. We envision our neighborhood where every resident from the elderly to young families, abled and disabled can enjoy seamless connectivity and a high quality of life through integrated transportation systems, pedestrian-friendly streets, accessible infrastructure, and public plazas.

Slow Down Mt Airy

Tell Harrisburg to expand the Automated Speed Camera program to Lincoln Drive and all of Philadelphia’s dangerous roads.


We have a three-pronged focus

High Injury Network roads (e.g. Lincoln)

Residential streets where reckless driving is commonplace

School zones

As a coalition of Mt Airy residents, we hope to raise awareness of traffic calming measures and down-engineering. We seek to support measures in City Council and the State Legislature that expand the use of automated traffic enforcement tools (i.e. Speed Cameras), and other effective and innovative traffic calming measures like parking-protected bike lanes.


We will advocate for increased funding of the Philadelphia Streets department to perform additional traffic studies and road safety audits under newly-drafted revisions of Federal Guidelines which prioritize safety over speed and make all forms of mobility (cars, pedestrians, cyclists, public transit options) equally important. This is a major departure from a century of traffic engineering where speed and cars trumped safety, and alternative transportation modes. The traffic calming committee would like Philadelphia to generate a more balanced approach to using public right-of-ways.  As part of a global movement towards supporting streets for everyone, we believe Philadelphia can foster a more livable city.