Traffic Calming

The Northwest Traffic Calming Campaign (NWTCC) is a joint project between EMAN and WMAN members. Our aim is to make Mt Airy (and all of Northwest Philadelphia) safer for residents to walk, drive, use mobility devices, and cycle in our neighborhood. 

Since the pandemic started, residents have witnessed significantly more dangerous driving behaviors and reckless disregard for pedestrians, as well as fellow motorists. Extreme speeding, ignoring stop signs, and blowing through red lights have become commonplace – especially during non-peak traffic hours.

Many neighbors have expressed fear of being injured or killed when out walking in the neighborhood, especially while crossing the street.  Parents do not feel safe letting children walk to school, or even exit the car in front of school!

Pedestrians are also being displaced by parked cars on sidewalks. On some of the most dangerous roads (i.e. Lincoln and Germantown), cyclists are forced to use pavement meant for pedestrians – for fear that they will be hit as they share the road with aggressive drivers.

To address these problems, the NWTCC aims to have traffic calming measures placed throughout Mt Airy. 

Sign our petition to make Lincoln Drive safer for everyone!

Northwest Traffic Calming Committee Meeting

July 24 at 4:00 pm at Carpenter Lane Station

Please come to the NWTCC Organizing Meeting on Sunday July 24th where will will discuss the next steps needed to make Lincoln Drive Safer for everyone and let you know what you can do to help. We will also discuss how to request traffic calming on your own neighborhood street as well as how to make walking to school safer this coming school year.

Please meet at Carpenter Lane Train Station at 4pm on July 24th.

Since we started, over 620 residents have signed our petition, but we need more signatures. Please come pick up a sign at 12 W Mt Airy Avenue to display on your front lawn and help spread the word by sharing this information with your neighbors.

Together we can make our neighborhood streets safer for residents, walkers, cyclists, and drivers.


Anne Dicker, NW Traffic Calming Campaign

We have a three-pronged focus

High Injury Network roads (e.g. Lincoln)

Residential streets where reckless driving is commonplace

School zones

As a coalition of Mt Airy residents, we hope to raise awareness of traffic calming measures and down-engineering. We seek to support measures in City Council and the State Legislature that expand the use of automated traffic enforcement tools (i.e. Speed Cameras), and other effective and innovative traffic calming measures like parking-protected bike lanes.


Lastly, we will advocate for increased funding of the Philadelphia Streets department to perform additional traffic studies and road safety audits under newly-drafted revisions of Federal Guidelines which prioritize safety over speed and make all forms of mobility (cars, pedestrians, cyclists, public transit options) equally important. This is a major departure from a century of traffic engineering where speed and cars trumped safety, and alternative transportation modes. The NWTCC would like Philadelphia to generate a more balanced approach to using public right-of-ways.  As part of a global movement towards supporting streets for everyone, we believe Philadelphia can foster a more livable city.