Litter & Trash

Did you know there is a grassroots volunteer trash team?

The Mt. Airy Trash team is a group of Mt. Airy community members who informally adopt a block, pledging to clean litter at least once a week from their chosen block(s). They have monthly group clean ups every 3rd Sunday meeting at various sites at 11am. You can clean individually or with the group and earn hours towards your Weaver’s Way working membership.

To learn more or join you can e-mail them here:


Weaver’s Way Working Membership

Click here to submit your clean-up hours for Weaver’s Way working membership.

Trash Talk

Ways to impact litter:

  • Do a weekly pick up on your block
  • Pick up your yard/sidewalk after trash day
  • Call businesses urging them to maintain their lots/surrounding areas daily
  • Maintain a community bin
  • Sponsor a community bin/litter volunteer financially (buckets, grabbers, bins, bags)

Trash + Recycling Guide

Trash and recycling are picked up on the same day, but that day varies by block. If you’re unsure of your trash pickup day, ask a neighbor! It’s a great excuse to say “hi!” — OR, you can click here and enter your address (no judgement)!

Recycling Do’s and Don’ts

Did you know a single plastic bag can ruin an entire batch of recycling?

Recycling is tough these days. In the “good ole days,” China was buying all of our recycling. PAYING us to take it off our hands. Those days have ended, and now we’re in the midst of a local recycling crisis.

It is EXTRA important to make sure you follow all the recycling rules given all the recent controversy about recycling. Though we have officially stopped burning our recycled goods, it is still tremendously important to ensure that as much of our recycling gets recycled as possible!

Trash Do’s and Don’ts

Oversized Items

  • Residents may continue to set out compactable furniture, such as sofas for collection at curbside, up to two items per week.
  • Mattresses and box springs must be bagged and sealed in plastic mattress bags when placed curbside.
  • Items may be set out on your regular trash day.

The Streets Department does not accept metal oversized items or tires as part of curbside collection.

Automotive tires and appliances, such as stoves, washing machines, refrigerators, hot water heaters, etc. should be taken away by a private hauler, or residents may bring these items (limit of two oversized items and four tires) to one of our Sanitation Convenience Centers (listed below).

TVs and Computer Equipment

Televisions and computer equipment are not collected curbside. Residents may bring these items to a Sanitation Convenience Center (listed below).

Wood and Tree Pieces

Small bundles of wood or tree limbs cut down to 4 foot pieces per item are accepted curbside. Items must be bundled and tied.

Oversized Trash and Construction Debris

Oversized trash and construction debris can be disposed of legally at the following facilities for a fee.

Trash Holidays

Here is a list of the (few) trash holidays throughout the year. They match the calendar of city-observed holidays.

Please note that trash and recycling collection will be one day behind schedule for the remainder of the week following a city-observed holiday.

  • New Year’s Day
  • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • Presidents Day
  • Good Friday
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Indigenous Peoples Day
  • Veterans Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

Sanitation Convenience Centers

Did you know you can get a FREE recycling bin from our local SCC? Click here to submit your request!

Sanitation Convenience Centers are available – and free – for Philadelphia residents only.

Residents wishing to use the Sanitation Convenience Centers must show proof of Philadelphia residency as the centers are free for City residents’ use only.

Residents can drop off regular household items once a day and oversized items once a week.

Personal passenger vehicles/pickup trucks may be used, or commercial/rental trucks (i.e., U-Haul, Rider, Home Depot, etc.) carrying non-commercial loads, with a gross vehicle weight (GVW) under 6,000 pounds to enter the convenience centers.

No commercial contractors or vehicles carrying commercial loads are allowed to use the facilities.

The following types of materials are accepted for free at the Sanitation Convenience Centers:

  • Automotive tires, limited to four per day
  • Bulk items, large metal household items/appliances or items containing refrigerants, limited to two a day
  • Christmas trees
  • Collectible rubbish, up to six receptacles (or 12 bags)
  • E-waste, including computers, monitors, televisions, and other computer-related equipment
  • Latex- or water-based paint cans that are partially full can be solidified by adding an absorbent material such as “kitty litter” or newspaper prior to disposal
  • Mattresses and box springs, unwrapped
  • Recyclable materials, as part of the City’s Recycling Program
  • Yard waste, accepted for recycling, and must be free of contamination and contained in paper bags only


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