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PWD Rain Check

Did you know the Philadelphia Water Department offers free rain barrels and other stormwater management tools + services?! This program is part of the city’s Green City Clean Waters program, which is guiding other cities’ responses to flooding and water management.

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About the Program

Are you interested in replacing an empty front yard with a garden? Need to fix a cracked rear patio? Trying to save water to use on your parched potted plants? Rain Check can provide funding for these home improvements projects and more.

Through Rain Check, you can save money, improve your landscaping and help protect Philadelphia’s rivers and streams. Participate in the program and you will join more than 5,000 Philadelphia residents who have installed stormwater management tools on their properties to stop pollution from entering our waterways.

We believe every Philadelphia resident can help to improve the health of our rivers. Flowers in rain gardens, new permeable paver patios and rain barrels can all spruce up a property, but these tools more than look nice. Each of the landscaping amenities plays an important role in capturing stormwater that would otherwise contribute to sewer overflows that hurt Philly’s rivers.

Explore all the tools you can get through the PWD Rain Check program below:

Water insurance info:

You can add on insurance for your city water pipes through American Water Resources for $9.89/month.

This covers any issues with pipes located beyond your property line (clogs, cracks, curious roots*).

*The city now knows more about placing the right tree in the right spot. Street trees that are planted nowadays are given adequate room to grow, reducing sidewalk conflicts and only understory trees are planted under wire.

Trees only rarely go into pipes, and only when (1) the pipe is already damaged and (2) the tree is very thirsty. Most tree roots grow only in the first 2 feet underground; pipes are usually deeper than that (sewer lateral, for ex. is 6 or 7 feet below ground)

Storm Drain Management

You can help reduce flooding in your area by keeping storm drains clear. Number one way to keep them clear? Keep them litter free!

Learn more about how to impact flooding through storm drain maintenance and how to report a clogged drain.

Where does your snow salt go?
It washes down the drains and has dangerous and lasting impacts on our waterways & the species that depend on them (hint – we’re part of this ecosystem). Learn more about this impact and alternatives for your sidewalks in the winter season.

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