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7323 Bryan Street


Applicant: Leah DiMatteo

Owners: Leah DiMatteo and Joel W. Thomas, 58 W. Gowen Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19119

Appeal to Philadelphia Zoning Board of Adjustment: Application No. ZP-2022-008887

Zoning Board of Adjustment Calendar No. MI-2022-005265

West Mt. Airy Neighbors Zoning Committee Meeting: 1/4/2023 @ 7:00 PM on ZOOM

Philadelphia Zoning Board of Adjustment Hearing: February 8, 2023 @9:30 AM on ZOOM

The appeal is for four(4) family household living (multi-family) and for a visitor accommodation in an existing structure. No sign included.

The Zoning Classification for the property is: RSA-3 (Single Family Use only). A Zoning Variance was granted on 9/8/1954 permitting three (3) family household living.

This application to the Department of Licenses and Inspections was REFUSED for the following reasons: 

  1. No more than one principal use allowed in the RSA-3 residential district.
  2. The proposed use-visitor accommodations is prohibited in the RSA-3 residential district.
  3. The proposed use-multi-family household living is prohibited in this RSA-3 residential district.

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Project Downloads:

7323 Letter to ZBA 2-2-2023

08.11.22 7323 Bryan L&I Refusal

Bryan Stret (city Cert) PropertyCertificate_PC-2022-021574 (version 1)




7323 Bryan Zoning Records

7323 Bryan St Project Information Form

Letter of Support to ZBA 2-2-2023