“There’s nowhere better to be than in Mt. Airy in the spring”
—At least 1 Mt. Airy resident’s opinion

Gardens spill out onto the sidewalks, climb up Wissahickon schist, and buzz with excitement in a Mt. Airy spring. Green thumbs have been known to be contagious and splittings, bulbs, and food from neighbors gardens are shared.

Gardens are a haven for for wildlife, provide food for ourselves and our neighbors and improves health & mental health. Prioritizing native plants can double down on the benefits of gardening.

Planting Native

According to local native plant experts at Good Host Plants: “By planting native species you restore habitat for wildlife by providing food and shelter. You’ll attract songbirds and butterflies. Native plants require little irrigation or maintenance (reducing cost and time), are adapted to the climate and soil conditions of our region, prevent stormwater runoff and… they look fantastic!”


Learn more about planting native:

Good Host Plants

Pennsylvania Native Plant Resources

Pennsylvania Horticultural Society Gold Medal Plants

The Schuylkill Center Native Plants

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