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608 W. Phil Ellena St. Unit 1B

West Mt. Airy Neighbors Zoning Committee Meeting: 7/5/2023 @ 7:00 PM on ZOOM

Philadelphia Zoning Board of Adjustment Hearing: August 2, 2023 @3:30 PM on ZOOM

The appeal is for the extension of an existing balcony at the rear of the second floor of an existing structure. This application proposes an extended balcony accessory to existing multi-family Household (8 dwelling units-condominium building).  The Zoning Classification for the property is RSD-3 (Single-Family use only)

This application to the Department of Licenses and Inspections was REFUSED for the following reason:

The maximum permitted extension of a balcony from an exterior wall is 4 feet, whereas the proposed balcony extension will be 7 feet, 2 inches. The existing use of the property as a multi-family household was previously granted a variance. The maximum occupied area in the RSD-3 Residential District is 30%. This balcony extension will expand the occupied area from 38.5% (6044.12 Sq. ft.) to 39.5% (6201.11 Sq. Ft.).

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