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14th District Crime Bulletin 8/10/20-8/16-20

August 17, 2020

Recycling Collections Reduced to Every Other Week Pickup

April 8, 2020

PHILADELPHIA – As the City continues to address the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, the Streets Department has been challenged with maintaining trash and recycling collection on a consistent schedule. Effective Monday, April 6th, the Philadelphia Department of Streets introduces additional changes to its operations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Recycling materials will be collected on an every other week schedule. Residents should hold their recycling materials for the week of Monday, April 6th through Saturday, April 11th. Recycling collections will resume on Monday, April 13th with every other week collections through May 15th or further.

Regular trash collections will continue on or as close to its normal schedule as possible. Residents should expect some delays as the health crisis continues to have an impact on employee attendance. There will be no trash collections on Friday, April 10th in honor of the Good Friday holiday.

Residents should set recycling out on their scheduled day, but only on the weeks listed on the modified collection schedule. Recycling will be collected at the regular pick up site. Residents are urged to use lids for recycling bins to prevent debris from blowing away. Lids for City-issued recycling bins can be picked up from the Sanitation Convenience Centers. Sanitation Convenience Centers will remain open on the following modified schedule for residents to dispose of items from Tuesday through Saturday, between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.

Residents should continue to set trash out on their normal collection day at the regular pick up site. Residents are urged to use lids for trash cans and bags should be tied tightly to prevent debris from blowing away.

The schedule below reflects the new changes in recycling operations:

April 6th – April 11th. Trash Collections only

Friday, April 10th No collections – Good Friday Holiday

April 13th – April 17th Trash & Recycling Collections

April 20th – April 24th Trash Collections only

April 27th – May 1st. Trash & Recycling Collections

May 4th – May 8th Trash Collections Only

May 11th – May 15th Trash & Recycling Collections

While delivering on-time collection services remains an essential core service, residents are asked for their patience and cooperation while we work to deliver service. The Streets Department thanks its employees for their dedication and commitment during these unprecedented times.

Contact: Keisha McCarty-Skelton (215) 906-6794 /

Crystal Jacobs Shipman (215) 200-6324 /

Free Food Distribution

April 4, 2020

The City has opened several food distribution locations around Philadelphia.  Sites nearest to West Mt. Airy include:

  • Dare to Imagine Church – 6610 Anderson Street,  (near Upsal St. ) – 19119
  • Roxborough Church  – 8232 Ridge Ave – 19138

(Please use the link below to see the full listing of distribution sites)
About the food sites:

  • Sites are open Mondays and Thursdays from 10 a.m. – 12 p.m.  
  • Residents can pick up one box per household. 
  • Residents do not need to present an ID or proof of income for eligibility.
  • Food sites are supported by the City, Share Food Program, and Philabundance

Please note, depending on the location you may be required to stand in line for a period of time. Boxes may be heavy, if possible bring assistance or a rolling cart. Arrive closer to 10 AM to ensure availability. 

Nearby sites includes,

14th District Safety Alerts and Crime Bulletin 3/23/20-3/29-20

April 3, 2020


During the current COVID-19 pandemic, there may be an increase in criminal activities.  In particular, building security, theft from autos, and delivery worker safety are current concerns.  To date, there exist no elevated trends in these crimes, however, the potential exists and the attached flyers include suggestions to deter such crimes.  Please distribute/share accordingly.  Thank you and stay safe.

P/O Raubert Hicks #3278, 14th District Crime Prevention Officer

43 W. Haines St, Philadelphia, PA 19144

work: 215-685-2147.   fax: 215-685-2199.   email:

Stay Home, Stay Safe

April 3, 2020

Greetings WMAN Community, 

It is our greatest wish that all of you are safe and healthy. 

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Last weekend Nate Holt, West Mt. Airy resident/Committee Person and a small group of volunteers organized a food/supply drive to assist the residents of Emlen Arms Apartments. Many of the 175 residents of the PHA building are some of the most vulnerable (elderly, chronic health problems) population for COVID-19 infection.  

 In an effort to minimize their need to go out, Nate sent an appeal to friends and neighbors requesting donations of food and other essential supplies. This grass roots effort garnered an overwhelming response, so much so that Nate and his fellow volunteers reached capacity very quickly. On Sunday, they went to sixty (60) homes to pick up donations (in a socially distant responsible manner) and filled 4 cars to the brim with food and supplies for delivery to Emlen Arms.

Nate said,  “The speed with which our neighbors organized this food drive was incredible. Mt. Airy has shown me time and time again that our neighborhood is as compassionate and civically engaged as you’ll find anywhere.” 

The neighborly outreach has led to an even larger donation to Emlen Arms. Today, volunteers will unload a truck full of groceries donated by Oak Street Health, to include water, bread, toilet paper, Chef Boryardee products, Campbell’s Soup, sugar, Ritz crackers, eggs and apple juice.
In another week or two, the team of volunteers plan to organize another community food drive similar to last week. Thirty (30) households have already signed up to donate.

We commend Nate and the team of volunteers for spearheading this initiative. 

At this time of unprecedented unemployment, and the uncertainty of the duration of our stay at home order, we encourage everyone to check in on your neighbors and support one another. If you are aware of a need, or have items you wish to donate to a family in need please feel free to contact WMAN at and will do our best to help connect community members with available resources. Please use “COVID Help” in the subject line.

Also, If you experience an act of kindness/generosity that WMAN can share please contact us at  

Alert: Trash and Recycling Collections Are Currently One Day Behind

April 2, 2020

ALERT : Apr 02, 2020 – Trash and recycling collections are currently one day behind

Trash collections are currently one day behind. Residents should continue to place their materials out on their regularly scheduled day at their normal pickup location. 
Recycling materials will be collected on an every other week schedule. Residents should hold their recycling materials for the week of Monday, April 6th through Saturday, April 11th. Recycling collections will resume on Monday, April 13th with every other week collections through May 15th or further. 
Sanitation Convenience Centers are currently open Tuesday through Saturday from 8am to 8pm during the City’s COVID-19 response. 
We thank residents for their patience as we work to maintain trash and recycling collections on a consistent schedule and crews work safe and quickly as possible during these unprecedented times to deliver these services. For more info

14th District Crime Bulletin 03/23/20

March 23, 2020

What’s Open in Mt. Airy?

March 20, 2020

Mt. Airy Tap Room – Take Out and Delivery

Breakfast Boutique – take out –

Other Area Businesses – See Mt. Airy CDC Listing –
Mt. Airy CDC – Community Impact Survey
Volunteer Opportunities – The Philadelphia Medical Reserve Corps

Early/Mail-in Voting

March 20, 2020
A couple of weeks ago I attended State Representative Chris Rabb’s Act 77 – Early Voting Policy Hearing.  As we now navigate through this current of climate of social distancing, the new PA legislation allowing the option of early/mail in voting has become even more of a necessity. 
As more of us now consider the option of early/mail in voting we wanted to provide you with information and resources regarding the new provisions to ensure everyone understands how our new early voting legislation works. 
At this time, the date of the PA primary election is Tuesday, April 28th. However, in light of COVID-19, consideration is being given to the possibility of postponing the election. 
At the time of the hearing there were still some logistical matters that needed to be confirmed both state and city wide. Following are a few takeaways from the hearing. Please note this information is not all inclusive. Please see the resources section below to learn how to get additional official information. 
ACT 77 Early Voting Provisions The Voter registration deadline has been reduced from 30 days prior to election to 15 days prior to election.

The last day to register to vote before the upcoming primary is April 13thApplications must be received (not post marked) by the Voter Registration Office by the deadline.

Voters may register online at

Mail in/Early voting hopefully will increase voter “turnout”, allowing people to vote when it’s convenient for them.

 PA residents may request a mail in or absentee ballot up to 50 days prior to the election, and as late as 5:00 PM the Tuesday prior to Election Day. Please allow time for the ballot to be mailed to you, so that it can be returned prior to the deadline. 

Absentee/Mail In ballots are due to the county board of elections office by 8:00 PM on Election Day. PA residents can apply for early voting in person at the county election office and vote on the same day.Logistical matters to be aware of;Mail In ballots may be requested 50 days (March 10thThe way the act currently reads, early ballots may not be counted until 8PM on Election Day.  Measures are being taken to determine if the count can begin earlier in the day, i.e.  12 noon.  It is unclear when results would be available.    

Once a mail in ballot has been requested, the person is no longer eligible to vote in person at their regular polling location on Election Dayexcept via provisional ballot.   If the voter, never submitted their mail in ballot, they will have two (2) optionsComplete a provisional ballot until status of the mail in ballot has been confirmed; OR hand deliver their ballot to the County Board of Elections by 8:00 PM on election day (April 28th)
Voters may request  ballots on line at
FYI – at this time there is no automatic confirmation that a mail in ballot has been received, however a voter can call the county board of elections to confirm receipt of the ballot. 

Mailing Address
Phila. County Board of Elections
Room 142, City Hall
Phila. PA 19119

Mailing Address
Voter Registration Office
520 N. Columbus Blvd, 5th floor
Phila. PA 19107

Leaf Pickup

December 12, 2019

“The Leaf Recycling Program is one of several services provided by the Streets Department to honor the City’s on-going commitment to recycling. This recycling program helps to reduce the amount of materials that reach the waste stream and saves landfill space. Mechanical collection and bagged drop-off services are provided.”

People who want to assure their leaves are composted – not trashed – have two choices for participating:

1.   BAGGED LEAF DROP OFF:  Drop off your leavesbagged in large brown biodegradable paper bags only (not plastic bags) at any of the four Northwest locations noted below anytime from 9 am to 3 pm – on either Saturday, Dec 14 or 21. A designated fleet of sanitation compactors will be positioned at the sites to accept the bagged leaves. Crews assigned to accept ONLY bagged leaves and yard waste as part of the program. No household rubbish will be accepted.

Saturday Drop-Off Locations – 9-3:
– 4800 Wayne Ave. (Happy Hollow Recreation Ctr)
– Cathedral St. & Ridge Ave.
– Gravers Lane & Seminole St.
– Washington Ln. & Ardleigh St.

Bagged leaf drop-off collection tips:

  • Residents must place leaves in large brown biodegradable paper bags. Using these bags helps eliminates the extensive process of ripping open, dumping, and disposing of plastic bags.
  • Never mix trash or other recyclable materials with bagged leaves. This contaminates leaves and makes them unfit for recycling purposes. (NEVER PUT PLASTIC BAGS IN RECYCLE BINS.)

2.    MECHANICAL LEAF COLLECTION:   Mechanical leaf collection (= looks like a giant vacuum cleaner) is provided as a supplement to bagged collections in areas identified as having heavy accumulations of leaves and will be offered on a designated weekly schedule in areas with a heavy concentration of leaves.  (This is due to occur in our area next week:  Dec 16 to Dec 21, according to the attached map. It appears they will cover streets south of Allen Lane. It does not appear to include the streets around Houston School – although I recall they came in past.

  • All leaves should be raked (un-bagged) and ready for collection by 7:00 AM the day of mechanical collection. Rake leaves into the street by the curb’s edge (piling is not necessary).  
  • If possible, move your vehicle to an off-street parking location on your scheduled collection day, so crews can remove leaves along the curb line.
  • Residents in mechanical areas can also drop-off bagged leaves.

Click here for more information and a map of areas receiving mechanical collection.