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Quiet Clean Philly

October 22, 2022

Quiet Clean Philly: Phase-out gas-powered leaf blowers

Help make Mt Airy a quieter, less polluted, and more environmentally-friendly neighborhood by supporting the transition away from gas-powered leaf blowers.

In coalition with groups around the country looking to make our communities more liveable, WMAN supports the phasing-out of gas-powered leaf blowers. Please sign the petition to City Council and the Mayor to support an ordinance supporting this effort: Sign the Petition.

Learn More.




Phase-out gas-powered leaf blowers in Philadelphia


September 8, 2022

Traffic Calming Meeting: Sunday July 24 @4pm at Carpenter Lane Station

July 18, 2022


You are invited to our next traffic calming meeting on Sunday July 24th at 4pm at Carpenter Lane Train Station. Councilperson Cindy Bass will be speaking. Staff of US Rep. Dwight Evans and State Rep. Chris Rabb have also confirmed attendance. While the focus of our meeting will be Lincoln Drive and Germantown Avenue, we will also be discussing efforts to implement traffic calming measures on neighborhood streets.


Mt Airy Baseball registration is open!

January 24, 2022

Keep Mt. Airy Green

January 12, 2022

WMAN is committed to preserving and growing Mt. Airy’s lush tree canopy. That means planting new trees and replacing those that are aging. It also means working hard for tree equity – planting trees on less shady blocks. It takes all of us, working together, and planting it forward to KEEP MT AIRY GREEN.

Trees give us so much!! Better health, shade for cooler temperatures – especially as the earth gets hotter, home for birds and animals, storm water management and flood reduction, places for children to play, better mental health. Trees also reduce crime and increase property values.

It’s up to us to re-tree all of Mt. Airy.

Plant it Forward to Keep Mt. Airy Green.

Don’t have space for another tree? Want to be part of the Tree Equity Movement? Just generally love trees? 

Donate to our local shading and greening efforts. Donate to our free yard tree giveaway fund which targets sections of our neighborhood with a sparse tree canopy and neighbors who might not otherwise be able to purchase a tree. In this way, you help us keep Mt. Airy the green & shady oasis we know and love. Your support allows for tree equity within the community. By “planting it forward” you can increase the shade on blocks in most need and maintain shade of aging tree-lined blocks.

Our goal is to raise $5,000 to giveaway 500 trees each year. Over 5 years, we will plant 2,500 new trees – significantly increasing shade, supporting local wildlife, and keeping Mt. Airy the urban oasis we all love.

Donate Now for our Tree Giveaway

Apply for a free street tree or become a Tree Tender:
  • Plant a Street Tree: It’s free! You just have to apply. You can apply anytime during the year – just be mindful that the deadline for applications for Spring planting is November 19th.

          CLICK HERE to learn more and to apply:-


  • Become a Tree Tender – tree tenders help plant street trees and are vital to the efforts to plant more trees. Sign up:
  • Volunteer: Join our Environmental Committee to help our climate justice efforts. We need people with all kinds of skills – fundraising, supportive roles for planting day, spreading the word (marketing, canvassing, writing articles)

Fill out this form to volunteer:

PHS Volunteers

Courtesy of PHS

Tree Tenders Training

January 8, 2022

Dear Neighbors,

Our local Tree Tenders group is looking for new members to help Mt Airy maintain and expand our tree canopy in West and East Mt Airy. We took a big hit during Covid and lots of work needs to be done to plant new trees and take care of ones that were newly planted.

The West and East Mt Airy Tree Tenders, in coordination with WMAN & EMAN, is hoping to recruit 20 new certified Tree Tenders in 2022. The training starts January 13th and is a 4 week course. The cost is $40. It is taught by staff from PHS virtually via Zoom.

If you are interested in the January Training, please sign up now at:
Tree Tenders Winter Basic Training / Tree Tenders Entrenamiento Básica: Invierno 2022 (

Christmas Tree Recycling

December 17, 2021

January 2, 2022 12:30 – 3:30 PM at Upsala House

Bring your Christmas tree to Historic Upsala House, 6430 Germantown Avenue, on January 2, any time between 12:30 and 3:30 PM to be recycled.

  • All decorations must be removed from trees
  • Minimum $5 donation per tree
  • Please wear a mask and remain 6 feet apart

This is jointly presented by West Mt Airy Neighbors and East Mt Airy Neighbors.

Volunteers needed to assist that afternoon! Please sign up at

Please Support Our Annual Appeal

November 26, 2021

WMAN Annual Appeal

Dear Neighbors,

My family and I moved back to Philly three years ago after fifteen years of living in Los Angeles. There was no question in our minds about what part of the city we’d live in because Mt. Airy has always been THE place we imagined ourselves. This diverse, socially conscious, civic minded, engaging, welcoming community offers what few other neighborhoods can, all nestled just a quick bike ride from the Wissahickon, a twenty-minute train ride from downtown, with a bustling business and cultural core on Germantown Avenue.  I know that you know all this because you choose to live here too.

What you may or may not know as intimately is that the foundation of our neighborhood is built on an incredibly rich history, with purposeful, directed actions by a broad range of individuals and community groups, few more effective and influential than West Mount Airy Neighbors.  WMAN was founded 68 years ago to create and sustain West Mt. Airy as a racially integrated community and remains a community-based volunteer organization committed to preserving and enhancing the quality of life here. At its inception, the founders drafted a statement beginning with: “This We Believe About Our Neighborhood,” and although those core beliefs haven’t changed substantively over the years, WMAN’s vision, cohesion and relevance are ripe for rethinking and renewal.  We have an energized, committed new president, a Board of invested community members with a wide, deep pool of talent and knowledge, and well thought out, exciting plans for the future.

Please take a few minutes to ask yourself the important question, what DO YOU believe about our neighborhood? And then help us co-create the future of West Mt. Airy together by becoming a new member, renewing your membership, donating, joining a committee, attending an event, joining the Board, or just subscribing to our mailing list.

Checks can be mailed to WMAN, 6703 Germantown Ave., Suite 200, Philadelphia, PA 19119

We know that times have been difficult, and that we are all still reeling from the past few years, but that’s all the more reason to invest your time, energy, and maybe even a few bucks in our largest neighborhood organization.  While we may not have been on your radar, I guarantee that we will be soon.  As our emerging vision comes to life, be on the lookout for us and ways to get involved, especially in some of our current efforts:

  • Public meetings on pending development projects
  • Race Still Matters Conversation Series
  • Historic preservation
  • Reactivation of block captains
  • Housing equity issues
  • Collaboration with EMAN on the 50th anniversary of Mt Airy Day
  • Streetscape projects
  • On-line mapping of the characteristics of our neighborhood over time
  • WMAN/EMAN TreePhilly giveaway
  • Zoning oversight and hearings on requests for variance

Jo Gasiewski Winter
Vice President, Membership Development
West Mt Airy Neighbors

For more information or to join one of our initiatives, please contact us at: [email protected]. WMAN is a nonprofit, member supported organization whose mission is to support the flourishing of our social fabric in all its diversity, and to help safeguard and steward the transformations of our beloved physical and natural environments.

Philly Leaf Recycling

November 12, 2021

A message from the Philadelphia Streets Department

2021 Philly Leaf Recycling Program
Northwest Philly Collection Dates Dec 6th – 17th
(Additional dates for Drop Off – See below for more detail)

Recycle Leaves

The Streets Department’s 2021 Philly Leaf Recycling Program begins on Monday, November 8 and runs through Saturday, December 18. The program is one of several services provided by the Streets Department to honor the City’s on-going commitment to recycling by helping to reduce the amount of materials that reach the waste stream.

Bagged leaf drop-off: During the six-week program, bagged leaf drop-off will be offered city-wide on the following Saturdays only at 13 locations from 9a-3p.

    • November 20
    • December 4
    • December 11
    • December 18

A designated fleet of sanitation compactors will be positioned at the 13 citywide locations to accept the bagged leaves. Crews are assigned to accept ONLY bagged leaves as part of the program. No household trash will be accepted.

Location  Area 
15th & Bigler Sts. South Philadelphia
43rd & Powelton Sts. West Philadelphia
4800 Wayne Ave. (Happy Hollow Rec Center) Germantown
54th & Woodbine Ave. West Philadelphia
7901 Ridgeway St. (Fox Chase Rec Center) Northeast
American & Thompson Sts. North Philadelphia
Broad & Christian Sts. South Philadelphia
Castor & Foulkrod Sts. Frankford
Cathedral St. & Ridge Ave. Northwest
Corinthian & Poplar Sts. North Philadelphia
Graver Lane & Seminole St. Northwest
Pennway St & Cottman Ave. (Jardel Rec Center) Northeast
Washington La & Ardleigh St. Northwest


Mechanical leaf collection will be provided as a supplement in areas known to have a heavy accumulation of leaves. The mechanical leaf collection operation will include leaf blowers, mechanical sweepers, and leaf loaders. Mechanical leaf collection crews will concentrate their efforts in designated boundaries each week, following a strategic schedule to maximize efficiency and productivity.

Follow these tips for bagged leaf collection:

  • Bagged leaves will only be accepted in biodegradable paper bags. These bags can be processed for recycling along with the leaves. This reduces contamination in the recycling process.
  • Do not mix trash or other recyclable materials with bagged leaves. This contaminates leaves and makes them unfit for recycling purposes.
  • Use as many bags as needed, maximum 40 lbs. each.
  • Bags may be purchased at most hardware stores. Bags are not provided by the Streets Department.
  • Bagged leaves may also be taken to any of the Sanitation Convenience Centers, Monday through Saturday from 8a-6p.
  • Leaves set out curbside, either in bags or containers, will be collected as trash, not recycling.

Follow these tips for mechanical leaf collection:

  • Check neighborhood newspaper for articles or ads
  • All leaves should be raked and ready for collection by 7:00 AM the day of mechanical collection. Rake leaves into the street by the curb’s edge (piling is not necessary). 
  • If possible, move your vehicle to an off-street parking location on your scheduled collection day, so crews can remove leaves along the curb line. 
  • Residents in mechanical areas can also drop off bagged leaves.  
  • Mechanical collection crews will visit routes only once. Residents are urged to sweep and bag any remaining leaves and set out for collection on trash day or take to any bagged drop-off locations or Sanitation Convenience Center.

There will be no collection of leaves on City holidays. During this six-week program, leaves will be collected for composting purposes, like, fertilizing gardens and nourishing trees. For more information, residents can visit or call 311.

Weekly Mechanical Cleaning Schedule below.

Week # 1: November 8 – 12 

(Oak Lane and Frankford)

Monday, November 8

  • 3rd Street to 8th Street, from Godfrey Avenue to 65th Avenue
  • 8th Street to Broad Street, from Godfrey Avenue to 65th Avenue

Tuesday, November 9

  • 3rd Street to 8th Street, from 65th Avenue to Cheltenham Avenue
  • 8th Street to Broad Street, from 65th Avenue to Cheltenham Avenue

Wednesday, November 10

  • Roosevelt Blvd to Horrocks Street, from Arrott Street to Oxford Avenue

Thursday, November 11


Friday, November 12 

  • Horrocks Street to Penn Street, from Parrott Street to Oxford Avenue

Week # 2: November 15 – 19

(West Philadelphia)

Monday, November 15

  • 72nd to 66th Streets, from Malvern Avenue to City Avenue
  • 66th to 63rd Streets, from Malvern Avenue to City Avenue

Tuesday, November 16 

  • 63rd to 58th Streets, from Upland Way to City Avenue
  • 58th to 54th Streets, from Upland Way to City Avenue

Wednesday, November 17 

  • Belmont Avenue to Lenape Road, from City Avenue to Sorrento Street & Conshohocken Avenue
  • Ford Road to Conshohocken Avenue, from Monument Road to Falls Road

Thursday, November 18

  • 54th Street to 49th Street, from Wynnefield Avenue to City Avenue
  • Wynnefield Avenue to Columbia Avenue, from 54th Street to Parkside Avenue

Friday, November 19

  • 38th to 52nd Streets from Baltimore Avenue to Spruce Street

(South Philadelphia)

Friday, November 19

    • Moyamensing Avenue, from 20th Street to Oregon Avenue
    • 17th to 22nd Street from Oregon Avenue to Ritner Street


Week # 3: November 22 – 26 


Monday, November 22

  • Worthington Road to County Line Road, from Byberry Road to County Line Road

Tuesday, November 23 

  • Verree Road to Bustleton Avenue, from Grant Avenue to Morefield Road

Wednesday, November 24 

  • Morefield Avenue to Welsh Road, from Verree Road to Pine Road

Thursday, November 25 

 Friday, November 26 

  • Welsh Road to Bloomfield Avenue, from Verree Road to Pine Road 

Week # 4: November 29 – December 3

Monday, November 29

  • Verree Road to Krewstown Road, from Rising Sun Avenue to Grant Avenue
  • Verree Road to Rising Sun Avenue, from Susquehanna Avenue to Rhawn Street 

 Tuesday, November 30 

  • Oxford Avenue to Pennway Avenue, from Cottman Avenue to Magee Street
  • Oxford Avenue to City Limits, from Cottman Avenue to Rhawn Street

Wednesday, December 1 

  • Rhawn Street to Welsh Road, from Holmes Avenue to Rowland Avenue

Thursday, December 2 

  • Bustleton Avenue to Roosevelt Boulevard, from Grant Avenue to Lott Street
  • Orchard Lane to Clarendon Road, from Knights Road to Crestmont Road

Friday, December 3 

  • Frankford Avenue to State Road, from Grant Avenue to Linden Avenue


Week # 5: December 6 – 10 


Monday, December 6 

  • Schoolhouse Lane to Queen Lane, from Henry Avenue to Wissahickon Avenue
  • Schoolhouse Lane to Indian Queen Lane, from Ridge Avenue to Henry Avenue

Tuesday, December 7 

  • Green Lane to Summit Avenue, from Henry Avenue to Ridge Avenue
  • Ridge Avenue to River Road, from Wigard Avenue to Port Royal Road

Wednesday, December 8 

  • Wissahickon Creek to Ridge Avenue, from Summit Avenue to Montgomery County Line

Thursday, December 9 

  • Bells Mills Road to Willow Grove Avenue, from Germantown Avenue to Wissahickon Creek

Friday, December 10 

  • Stenton Avenue to Germantown Avenue, from Cresheim Valley Road to Northwestern Avenue


Week # 6: December 13 – 17 


Monday, December 13

  • Willow Grove Avenue to Mermaid Lane, from Germantown Avenue to Wissahickon Creek
  • Lincoln Drive to Green Lane, from Allens Lane to Lincoln Drive

 Tuesday, December 14 

  • Green Street to Park Line, from Lincoln Drive to Allens Lane

Wednesday, December 15 

  • Stenton Avenue to Germantown Avenue, from Vernon Road to Washington Lane
  • Lincoln Drive to Germantown Avenue, from Upsal Street to Allens Lane

Thursday, December 16 

  • Vernon Road to Cresheim Valley Road, from Stenton Avenue to Germantown Avenue

Friday, December 17 

  • Thouron Street to Stenton Avenue, from Washington Lane to Ivy Hill Road

Free Tree Giveaway

October 30, 2021

Sign up today

It’s Yard Tree Giveaway Season! 

West Mt. Airy Neighbors and East Mt. Airy Neighbors have partnered with TreePhilly to host a Free Yard Tree Giveaway for neighbors in the 19119 and 19150 zip code areas. All trees given through this program must be planted in the ground (not in a pot) on private property in the city of Philadelphia. Trees will be available for pick up on November 20th, at Pleasant Playground,

For more information and to register please. Click Here
Registration deadline is November 8th.

Get a Free Yard Tree FB