A Great Community Gathering

WMAN drew a crowd to our fundraising barbecue!

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Help us co-create the future of West Mt. Airy together by becoming a new member or by renewing your membership!

Our Legacy

The origins of WMAN go back to 1953. Learn more about our long history!


WMAN has several committees dedicated to serving a variety of interests in the neighborhood.

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Together, we can support the flourishing of our diverse social fabric and help to guide the inevitable transformations of our social and physical environments toward a sustainable future.

We foster community engagement and advocate on behalf of the residents of West Mt. Airy.

Mission & Goals

WMAN is a member-supported, nonprofit civic organization whose mission is to support and advocate for the needs and concerns of the West Mount Airy community, nurture our social fabric in all its diversity, and help protect and steward the inevitable transformation of our beloved physical and natural environments.

Climate Justice & Environment

Learn more about how WMAN is dedicated to preserving the quality of life in West Mt. Airy by creating a beautiful, safe, clean, and natural environment.

Community Barbecue Fundraiser is Smashing Success

Community Barbecue Fundraiser is Smashing Success

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WMAN receives National Parks Service RTCA Grant!

WMAN receives National Parks Service RTCA Grant!

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