WMA GEMS: Fatima M. Rogers

March 25, 2020

Principal, Charles W. Henry Elementary School… A JEWEL Devoted to Public Education

Fatima’s excellent leadership at Henry was recently confirmed in a big way…she became one of seven recipients of the Lindback Distinguished Principal Award.

The Lindback Distinguished Principal Award, funded by the Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback Foundation of Philadelphia, recognizes and rewards Philly school principals who have made significant leadership and humanitarian contributions to his/her school community.

School leaders who are chosen to receive this award will receive $20,000 for their school community.

Fatima’s award will be used toward completing Henry’s new Multimedia Library “The Launchpad”. Henry has a Computer Lab that will be converted into a Multimedia Library Center that has high quality fiction and non-fiction texts, subscriptions to annual periodicals, a library management center, MakerSpace supplies, as well as, updated technology.

Being chosen to receive such a prestigious award was also impressive and impactful for the neighborhood.

We are so proud of Fatima’s leadership that we know will continue to be a beacon for good education for our kids and for the importance of public schools…a beacon that shines on all of us to support ours schools and value them as the backbone of a strong neighborhood.