Tree Tenders Training

January 8, 2022

Dear Neighbors,

Our local Tree Tenders group is looking for new members to help Mt Airy maintain and expand our tree canopy in West and East Mt Airy. We took a big hit during Covid and lots of work needs to be done to plant new trees and take care of ones that were newly planted.

The West and East Mt Airy Tree Tenders, in coordination with WMAN & EMAN, is hoping to recruit 20 new certified Tree Tenders in 2022. The training starts January 13th and is a 4 week course. The cost is $40. It is taught by staff from PHS virtually via Zoom.

If you are interested in the January Training, please sign up now at:
Tree Tenders Winter Basic Training / Tree Tenders Entrenamiento Básica: Invierno 2022 (