Stay Home, Stay Safe

April 3, 2020

Greetings WMAN Community, 

It is our greatest wish that all of you are safe and healthy. 

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Last weekend Nate Holt, West Mt. Airy resident/Committee Person and a small group of volunteers organized a food/supply drive to assist the residents of Emlen Arms Apartments. Many of the 175 residents of the PHA building are some of the most vulnerable (elderly, chronic health problems) population for COVID-19 infection.  

 In an effort to minimize their need to go out, Nate sent an appeal to friends and neighbors requesting donations of food and other essential supplies. This grass roots effort garnered an overwhelming response, so much so that Nate and his fellow volunteers reached capacity very quickly. On Sunday, they went to sixty (60) homes to pick up donations (in a socially distant responsible manner) and filled 4 cars to the brim with food and supplies for delivery to Emlen Arms.

Nate said,  “The speed with which our neighbors organized this food drive was incredible. Mt. Airy has shown me time and time again that our neighborhood is as compassionate and civically engaged as you’ll find anywhere.” 

The neighborly outreach has led to an even larger donation to Emlen Arms. Today, volunteers will unload a truck full of groceries donated by Oak Street Health, to include water, bread, toilet paper, Chef Boryardee products, Campbell’s Soup, sugar, Ritz crackers, eggs and apple juice.
In another week or two, the team of volunteers plan to organize another community food drive similar to last week. Thirty (30) households have already signed up to donate.

We commend Nate and the team of volunteers for spearheading this initiative. 

At this time of unprecedented unemployment, and the uncertainty of the duration of our stay at home order, we encourage everyone to check in on your neighbors and support one another. If you are aware of a need, or have items you wish to donate to a family in need please feel free to contact WMAN at and will do our best to help connect community members with available resources. Please use “COVID Help” in the subject line.

Also, If you experience an act of kindness/generosity that WMAN can share please contact us at