Safety Alerts and 14th Police District Crime Bulletin: 12/1/19

December 5, 2019

Now that cooler weather temperatures are upon us, many car owners are warming their vehicles up and leaving them unattended.  This practice is resulting in many car thefts.  It is recommended to always ensure that any running vehicle be occupied or closely watched to avoid vehicles being stolen.  

Theft of catalytic converters are occurring and usually is not noticed until motorist start their cars and experience a loud sound coming from their vehicle.  The main vehicles being targeted are Honda’s, however, no vehicles are exempt.  It is recommended, when possible, to park in well-lit areas or places where there is heavy foot or motor traffic.

Thieves are also stealing tires from vehicles.  Vehicles targeted are primarily newer model Toyota Camrys and Nissan Maximas, with no exception to other make and models.  It is recommended to install wheel locks and add additional car security alarm features that included tilt sensors to alert when vehicles are being lifted.