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7238 Bryan St.

Applicant: Morris Zimmerman, 4818 Baltimore Ave., Philadelphia, PA 191423

Owner: Elayne Blender & Itzik Lorant

Attorney: Steve Masters, JustLaws, 621 W. Mount Airy Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19119

Appeal to Philadelphia Zoning Board of Adjustment: 

   Application No. ZP-2023-004951; 

   Zoning Board of Adjustment Calendar No. MI-2023-005618.

Philadelphia Zoning Board of Adjustment Hearing: Wednesday, February  21, 2024 @ 9:30AM.

This is an appeal to legalize a deck at the rear of the existing attached single-family home.  

The Zoning Classification for the property is RSA-5 (Single-Family Residential)

The application to the Department of Licenses and Inspections was REFUSED because the deck has a stair going to the ground that is not permitted if the principal building is an attached building.  Also, the permitted maximum occupied area of the property is 75% (923.61 sq. ft.).  The proposed occupied area of the property will be 78.79 % (958 sq. ft.).  The required minimum rear yard depth is 9 feet.  The proposed rear yard depth is 6.3 feet.


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