Please Support Our Annual Appeal

November 26, 2021

WMAN Annual Appeal

Dear Neighbors,

My family and I moved back to Philly three years ago after fifteen years of living in Los Angeles. There was no question in our minds about what part of the city we’d live in because Mt. Airy has always been THE place we imagined ourselves. This diverse, socially conscious, civic minded, engaging, welcoming community offers what few other neighborhoods can, all nestled just a quick bike ride from the Wissahickon, a twenty-minute train ride from downtown, with a bustling business and cultural core on Germantown Avenue.  I know that you know all this because you choose to live here too.

What you may or may not know as intimately is that the foundation of our neighborhood is built on an incredibly rich history, with purposeful, directed actions by a broad range of individuals and community groups, few more effective and influential than West Mount Airy Neighbors.  WMAN was founded 68 years ago to create and sustain West Mt. Airy as a racially integrated community and remains a community-based volunteer organization committed to preserving and enhancing the quality of life here. At its inception, the founders drafted a statement beginning with: “This We Believe About Our Neighborhood,” and although those core beliefs haven’t changed substantively over the years, WMAN’s vision, cohesion and relevance are ripe for rethinking and renewal.  We have an energized, committed new president, a Board of invested community members with a wide, deep pool of talent and knowledge, and well thought out, exciting plans for the future.

Please take a few minutes to ask yourself the important question, what DO YOU believe about our neighborhood? And then help us co-create the future of West Mt. Airy together by becoming a new member, renewing your membership, donating, joining a committee, attending an event, joining the Board, or just subscribing to our mailing list.

Checks can be mailed to WMAN, 6703 Germantown Ave., Suite 200, Philadelphia, PA 19119

We know that times have been difficult, and that we are all still reeling from the past few years, but that’s all the more reason to invest your time, energy, and maybe even a few bucks in our largest neighborhood organization.  While we may not have been on your radar, I guarantee that we will be soon.  As our emerging vision comes to life, be on the lookout for us and ways to get involved, especially in some of our current efforts:

  • Public meetings on pending development projects
  • Race Still Matters Conversation Series
  • Historic preservation
  • Reactivation of block captains
  • Housing equity issues
  • Collaboration with EMAN on the 50th anniversary of Mt Airy Day
  • Streetscape projects
  • On-line mapping of the characteristics of our neighborhood over time
  • WMAN/EMAN TreePhilly giveaway
  • Zoning oversight and hearings on requests for variance

Jo Gasiewski Winter
Vice President, Membership Development
West Mt Airy Neighbors

For more information or to join one of our initiatives, please contact us at: WMAN is a nonprofit, member supported organization whose mission is to support the flourishing of our social fabric in all its diversity, and to help safeguard and steward the transformations of our beloved physical and natural environments.