WMA GEMS: Doris Kessler

May 15, 2019

The master of streetscapes… nurturing/planting trees and beautifying

For many years and getting close to 1000 tree plantings in Mt. Airy and nearby areas, Doris Kessler leads a dedicated group of people who love and know the value of trees.

Recently, she led a group to prune some trees. Each of the five trees they pruned got a lot of individualized attention, with great benefits to each one.

Doris is planning to set up another one or two pruning events this spring and is also accepting applications for street tree plantings until May 1st.

Doris was responsible for the restoration of the beautiful Pergola on Lincoln Drive and Johnson Street, for the plantings there and the beautiful plantings at the Emlen Circle on Lincoln Drive.

Her leadership brings together people from all over to plant the trees that keep us healthy and beautiful.